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    Software solutions like to downplay the level of effort required for integrations. The fact is, it’s hard work. But our team loves to roll up its sleeves and take on the challenges that most organizations don't want or have the time to do. This allows our clients to move at the speed of business, rather than waiting for a team of IT resources to finish the job.

    From building and maintaining a solution to advisory on interface design, we play the role your organization needs.

    No two organizations are in the same phase or have the same amount of experience. Maybe you’ve implemented into and out of an enterprise system, or maybe it’s your first time configuring a solution. No matter what your organization needs, our experts have probably been there, done that, and can dramatically reduce your learning curve and level of effort.

    Integration Services

    Chances are that our team has interfaced with your core systems before, but even if we haven’t, our prescriptive methodology ensures you'll experience a successful project that’s completed on time and on budget. Our expertise includes:

    • Data mapping between systems
    • Building custom connections between platforms
    • Transforming data from one format to another
    • Providing advisory services on interface design

    Our integration team has used a proven process and systematic approach on more than 100 different systems, playing roles from a full turnkey partner to providing advisory services on interface design. We can also build a custom integration. No matter the level of support you need, we’ve got the toolkit to get you started. In fact, we’re so confident in our integration abilities, we’ll do it on a fixed fee.

    Reduce costs and gain efficiency without taking years to see a return.

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