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    In the public sector, financial visibility is crucial to maintain accountability across sectors, improve organizational efficiency, and optimize spending. In the face of mounting fiscal pressures and evolving tax policies, more organizations are looking to technology to help them unify and streamline their financial processes and accomplish more on a limited budget.

    Although it’s clear that outdated contracting and sourcing solutions are costing companies valuable opportunities, time, and resources, the solution is less simple. Submitting more competitive proposals and winning more contracts requires more than best-in-class technology—it demands greater visibility and organizational harmony, and the right partner to ensure that changes stick.

    The supply chain experts at RiseNow understand the complexity inherent to the public sector and have experience adapting proven supply chain practices to transform how organizations like yours operate.

    We focus first on people and processes and aim to leverage technology in a way that supports greater alignment, expedites compliance and drives efficiency. By understanding your staff’s unique needs and challenges and identifying gaps in your current system, we’ll determine what tools are required to transform how your organization makes sourcing decisions, streamline your request for proposal creation process, and maximize your available resources. By implementing, configuring and optimizing your system in a way that encourages adoption and promotes adherence to supply chain best practices, we’ll help you build a foundation for long-term growth.

    Our Expert Services Include:

    Advisory Support

    As your supply chain trusted advisor, we become your advocate for sustained success. We do this by not being afraid of asking the tough questions others avoid, identifying solutions where others see problems, and being honest and transparent 100% of the time.

    Assessment Services

    We help you build defendable business cases that stand up to the highest degree of scrutiny and pair it with a detailed blueprint/road map that eliminates potential surprises that derail projects and ensures long-term sustainable success.

    Design & Implementation

    We challenge the status quo of our industry by aligning our compensation to your goals, ensuring our projects are delivered on time, on budget, and deliver your definition of success. All while incorporating industry leading best practices that are tailored to your industry/organization.

    Results/Change Management

    We passionately and relentlessly defend your business agenda with our Results/Change Management solutions. Our deep focus of every use case, combined with our vast subject matter expertise enables end user adoption while avoiding drifting back to bad processes.


    Systems integration can be difficult and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. RiseNow's experienced team has interfaced with more than 100 different platforms and can do the majority of the heavy lifting for you.

    Application Support

    Turn to the experts at RiseNow for premium support that include everything from day-to-day troubleshooting, training, additional rollouts, release/upgrade assistance, advanced configurations, to outsourced system administration and more.