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RiseNow provides unbiased, experienced support and project management.

We know that analyzing and executing a POU selection process is a huge undertaking. Our POU and enterprise system experts average 20 years of experience. RiseNow will better prepare hospitals to manage and execute projects—from education, requirements gathering, and vendor selection that will drive long-term success. It is critical to flush out key details in advance of reaching out to potential vendors. During this initial decision phase, we can help:

  • Develop a business case for the health system to include impacts to clinical, financial, and supply chain stakeholders
  • Detail your current workflow
  • Identify your key measurables
  • Obtain buy-in from both clinical and senior leadership
  • Outline the elements of a success blueprint that creates a basis of accountability for all parties
  • Identify solution "gotchas" before you sign a contract
Implementation, inventory management and project management.

As much as 20 percent of inventory data in hospitals is inaccurate, costing health systems billions of dollars each year. If implemented correctly, Point-of-use solutions can help reduce the cost of expired inventory, improving data accuracy, patient safety, and profitability.

A successful implementation requires detailed data management and well documented data flows and use cases. To achieve the outcomes defined by your business case, our team will:

  • Work with you to ensure you data is clean, accurate and ready prior to importing into the test or production environments
  • Identify detailed use cases to ensure the solution best fits the needs of the health system; to include exception scenarios that typically get missed
  • Ensure integrations with your ERP, EMR and other potential systems are thoroughly vetted and tested
  • Establish KPI and compliance tracking to measure trends, outcomes and adoption
  • Assist in creating procedural documents
  • Support training
  • Augment IT and materials management staff during go-live to field questions and problems that arise
  • Change management for both materials management and clinical staff

Through our proprietary detailed implementation and planning process, our results management team will ensure a successful deployment toward your defined and documented business case.

If you’re ready to cut through the noise and have an honest conversation about your supply chain needs without the sales pitch, fill out the form to request a free consultation.


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