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Take full advantage of best practices used in multiple industries with a scalable, lean-engineered CSC. The RiseNow team can help get you there in two phases.

Phase 1: The Opportunity Assessment

To identify the potential return to your Supply Chain by adding a CSC, the first step is to perform an opportunity assessment for self-distribution. An opportunity assessment helps you answer key, high-level CSC questions, including:

  • What size facility is required?
  • Where should the facility be located?
  • Should we build, own, or lease the facility?
  • What are the estimated required capital investments, operating expenses and implementation costs?
  • Do we operate the CSC ourselves or outsource it to a third-party logistics expert?
  • What are our labor requirements?
  • What type of transportation model should we use?
  • What technologies are necessary, and what is the cost estimate?

With our global supply chain experience, and specifically our experience in designing and building many of the CSCs in place today, RiseNow is uniquely qualified to help answer these questions and more when we perform your opportunity assessment.

Phase 2: Design and Implementation

Once your CSC project is approved and we understand your corporate and cultural constraints, we will begin to drill down into the more granular aspects of design using our proprietary engineering standards. We create a detailed work plan with requirements that address elements and decisions such as:

  • Operational systems and configuration design
  • Operating policies, and procedures
  • Conversion strategies and schedules
  • CSC organization structures
  • State board of pharmacy and Verified-Accredited Wholesale Distributors® (VAWD®) requirements
  • Building Requirements:
    • Concrete thickness
    • Emergency generator kilowatt requirements
    • Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) vault requirements

To ensure that your CSC is successful, RiseNow will also develop and implement a project management office (PMO) structure, which we call our results and change management office.

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