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Supply Chain Advisory

Utilize best practices from across industries, modified to address supply chain challenges unique to healthcare.

RiseNow's healthcare advisory practice leverages our team of supply chain experts to challenge and optimize your current supply chain. Let RiseNow help create a strategy blueprint that brings executive, clinical and supply chain teams together for the betterment of your patients and health system.

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Opportunity Assessments

See the bottom-line impact a $20 million, $30 million, or even $100 million cost reduction can have on your health system.

These numbers are real and sustainable. We will thoroughly review your supply spend and supply chain practices, evaluate cash-generating and savings opportunities, and build defendable business cases that clearly state where the money is hidden and outline the path to unlock it.


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Distribution Technology Implementation

Distribution Technology Implementation

Implement and optimize systems that are lean-engineered and improve service.

Incorrect decisions made in the warehouse systems selected in addition to how they are configured and integrated can be very costly. The wrong decision can reduce operational efficiencies, negatively impact service levels, and your ability to service future acquisitions, mergers or joint ventures.

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Results & Change Management

Drive change and realize the impact of your business case with the resources needed to execute it.

Our team will tailor a plan to drive sustainable change, take on program management responsibilities, and see it through to completion. With aligned incentives, we ensure your project is completed on time and on budget, and delivers your desired result.

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Point-of-Use / Inventory Management

Realize immediate savings and increase clinical satisfaction by selecting and deploying the right system that supports your organizational requirements.

Our Inventory Management team can help you proactively manage inventory, improve data accuracy, design workflow, and increase compliance while lowering your inventory exposure, capturing missed charges, reducing patient risk, and eliminating expired products.

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CSC Design & Build

Create a consolidated service center (CSC) designed with the future in mind for ultimate flexibility.

Take full advantage of best practices used in multiple industries with a scalable, lean-engineered CSC. Our team has implemented more CSCs than any other firm, so we can help you avoid common pitfalls and realize your business case on time and on budget.

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Download a free copy of our latest healthcare guide:
The Advanced CSC Supply Model.



Direct Sourcing

Achieve significant cost savings when you take advantage of your scale and volume by cutting out the middleman.

Our team helps you better understand the benefits of direct sourcing and what is required to navigate through those waters. We see anywhere from 10-40% savings per category.

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Warehouse Operations Improvement and Optimization

Your Consolidated Service Center (CSC) is up and operational, but things aren’t running the way they should be, falling short of the original business case.

Maybe your health system has grown over time through a merger or joint venture. Or you are looking to improve performance through increased service levels, reduced costs, and revenue generation.

The RiseNow Healthcare Supply Chain team can perform an operational assessment to identify areas for improvement. We take a top-down, bottom-up approach to understand the intended scope and scale of the operation. We walk the floor, talk to various stakeholders, and analyze data to uncover opportunities to enhance operational performance.

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Upgrading, Converting or Adding new systems to your CSC Operating Technologies

The single biggest issue we’ve observed? Most operating CSC’s have not established proper operating requirements and system configurations.

By default, this has been left up to the vendor’s implementation team, who do not understand the true mission and operating requirements of healthcare providers. The RiseNow team has managed large-scale distribution networks and high functioning CSC’s. We will ensure that the systems, operations, and business strategies all align.

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Improve CSC Financials

Aside from tuning up CSC operations, one of the biggest opportunities the RiseNow team has found is the lack of a robust and consolidated profit and loss statement.

As executives turn-over, the connection to the original intent and legacy understandings dissipate. The original business case is not understood or no longer exists. As a result, executives begin to wonder: “What value are you producing for the health system? Are we better off going back to the way we used to do things with our distributor?

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